Eu textile testing requirements

REACH: All non-food products in the EU, such as raw leather, artificial leather, clothing, shoes, etc.



Service background

Although the European market has no product standards for textiles, this does not mean that the European market has no control over textile products. The EU REACH/SVHC has grown from 174 to 219 substances of high concern in just a few years.

How to ensure that the products do not contain limited chemical substances and ensure that the products meet the requirements of European and American textile safety regulations has become a concern for the majority of textile export enterprises.

RTS Ruiye Testing provides European textile safety related testing services, such as: EU REACH/SVHC, combustion, sharp edges, small parts, rope, in order to solve the problems for the majority of textile export enterprises, improve the compliance of your company’s products in the European and American markets, reduce the risk of market recalls and penalties.

There are many regulations related to woven clothing products in the EU. Before 2009, most of the EU promulgated the control requirements of hazardous substances in the form of directives, such as: 2005/84/EC(Azo Directive), 2009/425/EC(Organotin Directive), EN 14682(Children’s Clothing Rope Safety Directive), 2006/122/EC(PFOS Directive), etc., in June 2009, the relevant directives are included in Appendix 17 of the REACH regulation. For finished textile and garment products also need to meet the requirements of SVHC.


Service content

◉ Applicable products

REACH: All non-food products in the EU, such as raw leather, artificial leather, clothing, shoes, etc.


◉ Main regulatory basis

We offer comprehensive REACH testing and product risk screening according to your needs:

a. Eu List of Substances of High Concern (REACH/SVHC);

b. Eu List of Restricted Substances (REACH Appendix XVII);


Laws and regulations

Scope of control

Test item

European Union











REACH(1907/2006/EC) Article 33 item Substances of High Concern (SVHC)
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 20 Coating, ink, plastic, artificial leather, textiles organotin
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 23 Genus, coating, plastic, artificial leather Total cadmium
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 27 Metals and metal coatings in direct contact with the skin for long periods of time Nickel release
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 47 Textiles, leather, artificial leather in contact with the skin Azo –
REACH(1907/2006/EC)附录 17 条目46&46a textile NP/NPEO
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 47 Leather in contact with the skin Hexavalent chromium
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 50 Coatings, inks, plastics, artificial leather in contact with the skin Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 51 Plasticizing material Phthalates
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 72 Clothing and related accessories, other textile and footwear products in contact with the skin 33 carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxic Class 1A and 1B substances listed in Annex 12 (CMR-1A&1B substances)
REACH(1907/2006/EC) Appendix 17 Entry 61 Preservatives, desiccant, leather Dimethyl fumarate DMFu


◉  Main test item

Serial number

Physical test item


1 Dimensional stability and appearance EN EU Standard

BS British standard

DIN German standard

ISO international standard

2 Colour fastness
3 Fabric strength
4 Structural analysis
5 Functional testing
6 Component analysis


Service advantage

Timeliness: RTS has a set of independently developed LIMS system, which monitors and manages the entire test process, greatly improving work efficiency and shortening the inspection cycle entrusted by enterprises.

Convenient: RTS has a perfect order platform and free on-site pick-up service, and can provide one-to-one consultation and training and one-stop product compliance service chain for enterprises.

Price: RTS in the consulting stage can be based on the product information and material situation of the enterprise comprehensive evaluation, to provide the most appropriate and the most economical quotation scheme for the enterprise, greatly reducing the test cost.

Quality: As a national high-tech enterprise, RTS has dozens of patented inventions and supporting instruments and equipment and professionals to meet the needs of different customers and different products.