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About Us

Pioneer and leader in third-party testing and certification services

As a pioneer and leader in third-party testing and certification services in the World Commodity Center, Zhejiang Ruiyi Testing Technology Co., Ltd (RTS) provides one-stop inspection, testing, certification, auditing, training and technical services for global customers and e-commerce. With the mission of "delivering trust for quality life", RTS is committed to delivering trust among governments, enterprises and individuals, comprehensively safeguarding quality and safety, promoting compliance and innovation, demonstrating brand competitiveness, and realizing healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly high-quality development. RTS Ruiyi testing to obtain the national high-tech enterprises, is the China Certification and Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) institutions, China's national mandatory product certification (CCC) certification bodies, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) authorized institutions, the FCC U.S. Federal Communications Commission authorized laboratories, the European Union, REACH, ROHS, and other accredited third-party integrated laboratory.


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RTS adheres to the values of honesty and integrity that are expected of inspectors, and we ensure that inspection and testing data and results are true, objective, accurate and traceable, and that we strictly keep our customers' technology, information, data and other business secrets.



RTS strictly follows the requirements of laws and regulations and implements standard specifications to ensure that each of our tests gives more reliable data. We are committed to complying with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations on inspection and testing work, and strictly carry out inspections in accordance with the law.



RTS as an independent third party organization, we refuse to reflect all untrue information. We guarantee to carry out our testing service work independently from the outside world, free from internal and external, improper commercial, financial and other pressures and influences.

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Move compliance and innovation, show brand competitiveness, and achieve healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly high-quality development