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food contact material

Daily necessities that come into contact with food, such as kitchens, household items, food packaging materials, processing equipment, etc., also include auxiliary materials such as binders and printing ink colorants used for these products and materials. Harmful chemicals can migrate into food and harm human health. The European Union and the United States and other countries and regions have introduced corresponding laws and regulations to prevent food contact materials from harming consumer health.

Textile, Clothing

Textile testing projects include routine testing, special testing, ecological textile testing, dyes, additives testing, textile material testing and fiber testing. Routine testing includes fibers, yarns, chemical fiber filaments, textile (knitted) fabrics, clothing and down products, and Uster yarns. Special testing includes textile flame retardant, wear resistance, moisture permeability, air permeability, water seepage, anti-static and other special performance testing.

Baby Toys

As a big country of toy production and export, China’s toy products are sold well, but from time to time, toys “made in China” are recalled, and the product quality and safety of “Chinese toys” has become a focus of attention. Because the quality and safety of toys are directly related to the physical and mental health of children, countries and corresponding organizations have launched their own toy safety standards, and continue to add new content every year, such as the ISO 8124 standard, the European Union’s 2009/48/EC directive and the EN-71 standard.

electrical and electronic equipment

Rice cooker, electric oven, microwave oven, induction cooker, air conditioner, juice machine, electric water heater, electric kettle, range hood, disinfection cupboard, electric frying pan, egg beater, soybean milk machine, electric water heater, electric heater, washing machine, hair dryer, bath lamp, dryer, vacuum cleaner, electric mosquito repellent, electric iron, electric fan, dryer, toilet deodorizer, electric fan, dehumidifier, humidifier, air purification Chemostat, negative oxygen ion generator


As people’s demand for jewelry continues to increase, the quality and safety of jewelry is also increasingly concerned. In order to ensure the quality and safety of jewelry, the state has formulated the GB 28480 testing standard for comprehensive quality testing of jewelry. This article will introduce the jewelry quality inspection report for GB 28480 test standard process and content.

General merchandise

Fresh fruits and vegetables inspection: fresh meat quarantine inspection ticket inspection; Fruits and vegetables mainly check the freshness of goods. E, special identification of food acceptance: organic food, green food, pollution-free products, health food, China National Geographic Indication products, aloe vera…

Routine chemical analysis project

Ingredient list analysis, active component analysis, efficacy component analysis, designated component analysis, contrastive analysis, prohibited component analysis, material identification, principal component analysis…

Certification audit test

Only factories that pass the COC inspection can supply it. Only suppliers that meet its requirements can successfully receive orders and deliver goods. There are two different types of COC inspection: Corporate Social responsibility certification and standards and customer service standards audit. Key inspections include child Labour, forced Labour, discrimination, freedom of association and working hours, and Labour audits of movables and welfare, environmental health, safety and management