RTS as a third-party testing organization, is the normative implementer of the goods before entering the market, but also the navigator of corporate compliance. Recently, Ruiyi testing RTS received a letter from the foreign market supervision and management department, the letter mentioned that the content of the test report issued by us does not meet the requirements of the destination country, what is the reason for this? Let’s look together.

Ruiyi testing report quality management department received the following mail, the letter mentioned in the Georgia Market Supervision Bureau they received a report from our laboratory, but the content of the report makes them very puzzled, asking whether we issued by us

We attached great importance to this email and quickly retrieved the original report from the report database and compared it with the email, and found that the content of the report received by the Georgian party had been tampered with, and many pictures of unrelated products had been added to the test report, thus confusing the Georgian party.

This wave of operation is really puzzling, and finally the Georgia Market Supervision Bureau returned the enterprise’s request, and at the same time required that the enterprise’s other models must also provide the appropriate test report before release. This is a real case happened in our reality, RTS advised the majority of customers do not greedy for small profits and cause greater risk, in accordance with the norms to do, so as to reduce their own risk.

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