Eu REACH jewelry testing

This article only summarizes its abstract. The best way to ensure that your product is fully compliant is to hire a professional testing provider. RTS can perform jewelry testing according to a number of other specifications applicable in the United States, the European Union and Canada.



Service background

The exquisite jewelry embellishes the beauty of life. In this era of personality, all kinds of accessories continue to emerge. The close contact between the jewelry and the skin adds luster to you. However, if the jewelry contains toxic and harmful substances or other potential dangers, it will bring hidden dangers to your health and safety, and even threats! According to the current jewelry related laws and regulations or standards in many countries or regions in the world, there are many control factors, mainly including various toxic chemicals and mechanical and physical safety. Although these regulations or standards have the same control purpose, the specific control objects, requirements and limits vary from place to place.

Export to the EU region, jewelry should comply with the EU REACH regulations, the full name of REACH regulations is “on the registration of chemicals, evaluation, licensing and restriction regulations”, including registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of four parts of the content. From 1 June 2009, the original EU Hazardous Substances Directive 76/769/EEC was replaced by REACH Appendix 17. At present, the EU regulation REACH Appendix 17 contains a total of 72 substances. For jewelry, REACH Appendix 17 controlled substances are mainly lead, cadmium, nickel release and phthalates. In addition, the number of substances of high concern (SVHC) that meet the requirements of Article 57 of REACH has increased to 219 as of now.


Service content

Scope of application
All simulated jewelry and accessories exported to the EU region.

2. Technical standards
The EU market.

3. Technical requirements
Total lead, total cadmium, azo, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates, nickel release, SVHC, etc.

4. Applicable objects
Manufacturers, exporters, brands.


Laws and regulations

Control project

Limiting value

REACH ANNEX XVII 23 Cadmium and its compounds Plastic and metal: 100mg/kg; Coating: 1000mg/kg
REACH ANNEX XVII 27 Nickel release Puncture capacity: 0.2μg /cm2/week

Long-term skin contact: 0.5μg /cm2/week

REACH ANNEX XVII 43 Azo – 30mg/kg
REACH ANNEX XVII 50 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


For plastic parts that come into direct, long-term or short-term repeated contact with the skin or mouth.

PAHs【8P: BaP、BeP、BaA、CHR、BbFA、BjFA、BkFA、DBAhA】,每种不得超过1 mg/kg。

REACH ANNEX XVII  51&52 Phthalates BBP+DBP+DIBP+DEHP ≤1000 mg/kg, DIDP+DNOP+DINP≤1000 mg/kg
REACH ANNEX XVII 63 Pb 500mg/kg
REACH SVHC SVHC 1.1000mg/kg (if the limit is exceeded, notification is required).

2. There are two conditions for SVHC notification in the item:

(1) The concentration of a certain SVHC in the article is greater than 0.1%;

(2) The total amount of SVHC in all products produced by the manufacturer exceeds 1 tonne/year in the EU.

3. According to the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC (WFD Directive), if the concentration of SVHC substances in articles exceeds 0.1% (mass fraction), SCIP notification to ECHA is required. Information must be submitted to the SCIP database.


Service advantage

Timeliness: RTS has a set of independently developed LIMS system, which monitors and manages the entire test process, greatly improving work efficiency and shortening the inspection cycle entrusted by enterprises.

Convenient: RTS has a perfect order platform and free on-site pick-up service, and can provide one-to-one consultation and training and one-stop product compliance service chain for enterprises.

Price: RTS in the consulting stage can be based on the product information and material situation of the enterprise comprehensive evaluation, to provide the most appropriate and the most economical quotation scheme for the enterprise, greatly reducing the test cost.

Quality: As a national high-tech enterprise, RTS has dozens of patented inventions and supporting instruments and equipment and professionals to meet the needs of different customers and different products.