Battery inspection and certification

RTS provides one-stop battery testing and certification services. Batteries are widely used in various industries. How to solve and ensure the safety of batteries is the top priority for the successful promotion and application of various products. In recent years, the relevant regulations and standards for battery products in various countries have also been introduced, and RTS can provide enterprises with a comprehensive and perfect one-stop solution for battery product testing and certification, helping enterprises to reduce the risk of violations and smoothly enter the target market.


Service background

In recent years, the global economy continues to operate at a low speed, while the laws and regulations established by various countries for the safety and other characteristics of electronic and electrical products and the corresponding law enforcement are becoming increasingly strict, how to stand out in the market competition and turn challenges into opportunities is a common issue faced by relevant electronic and electrical enterprises.

Battery is widely used as an energy storage tool at this stage, but recently there are frequent safety accidents, how to ensure the safety of battery products, is the key issue that relevant enterprises need to pay attention to. RTS will strive to provide battery manufacturers and traders with professional and efficient one-stop testing and certification services.

If your product is a battery product, does it meet the relevant regulatory standards? If you are not aware of the testing requirements of battery products, or need to know the testing requirements of relevant battery products, or do not have a test report, please feel free to contact us, RTS will assist you.

Service content

1. Product range

1. Lithium battery: rechargeable battery, disposable lithium ion, polymer lithium battery;
2. Nickel battery: Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery;
3. Alkaline or carbon disposable batteries: all types of disposable batteries;
4. Other types of batteries: lead-acid batteries, power batteries.

2. Test range

1. Electrical test: low rate charge, overcharge test, overdischarge test;
2. Battery performance test: capacity test, DC/AC internal resistance;
3. Mechanical test: impact, impact/squeeze, vibration;
4. Environmental simulation test: low pressure, thermal shock, temperature cycle;
5. Fault test: short circuit, single fault test.


3. Commonly used test standards


Test standard


Global/Europe  IEC/EN 62133 Portable rechargeable battery
 IEC/EN 62368-1 Portable rechargeable battery
 IEC/EN 60086-1, -2, -3, -4, -5 Disposable battery
 IEC/EN 61951-1, -2 Nickel rechargeable battery
 IEC/EN 61960 Lithium rechargeable battery
 UN 38.3 Transport lithium rechargeable batteries
North America  UL 1642 Lithium battery
 UL 2054 Home or commercial batteries
 UL 2575 Lithium battery system
 CTIA: IEEE 1725, IEEE 1625 Rechargeable batteries used in mobile phones or computer devices
Asia  China(CQC): GB/T 18287 Lithium battery
 Japan(PSE): JIS C8712, JIS
C8714DENAN Law Appendix 9
Lithium battery with energy density >400Wh/L
 Korea(KC): K62133 Lithium battery with energy density >400Wh/L
 Taiwan(BSMI): CNS 15364:102 3C products battery, mobile power supply


4. product certification test standards and cycles

Test item

Product line

Test standard

Test cycle

CB certification Nickel battery, nickel cell  IEC 62133:2017
EN 62133:2017
15 working days
Lithium battery pack, lithium battery cell
Batteries for IT products  IEC/EN 62368-1
North American certification Lithium cell  UL 1642 40 working days
Lithium battery pack, nickel battery pack, nickel cell  UL 2054 25 working days
Batteries for IT products  UL 60950-1


Service advantage

Timeliness: RTS has a set of independently developed LIMS system, which monitors and manages the entire test process, greatly improving work efficiency and shortening the inspection cycle entrusted by enterprises.

Convenient: RTS has a perfect order platform and free on-site pick-up service, and can provide one-to-one consultation and training and one-stop product compliance service chain for enterprises.

Price: RTS in the consulting stage can be based on the product information and material situation of the enterprise comprehensive evaluation, to provide the most appropriate and the most economical quotation scheme for the enterprise, greatly reducing the test cost.

Quality: As a national high-tech enterprise, RTS has dozens of patented inventions and supporting instruments and equipment and professionals to meet the needs of different customers and different products.