We receive a lot of emails from Amazon every week to verify the authenticity of the report, the main reason is that our report was tampered with by the customer, add other pictures, change the model number, and even change the data, in line with the principle of fairness and impartiality of the third party, RTS advises the majority of customers not to be greedy for a small profit and cause greater risk.
Tampering and falsifying the test report will not only lead to the removal of the product from the platform, compensation, recall and other issues, but also face the risk of being penalized by the state. According to “Product Quality Supervision and Management Measures” Article 28, paragraph 2 “no one shall tamper with, falsify the test results of the statutory inspection agency or test report” provisions of the parties to tamper with, falsify the test results of the statutory inspection agency, the report of the business violation, a fine of 10000 yuan. The seriousness of the situation will also face other penalties.
Ruiyi Testing & Technology Co., Ltd (RTS) is currently engaged in various testing and certification services, is a well-known domestic testing and certification organizations to provide one-stop certification, testing, inspection, analysis and technical support.

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