Residential paper consumption is great, but people rarely care about the title of the “toilet paper” product is hygienic or not. Many people still have a misunderstanding of the understanding of toilet paper, thought toilet paper as long as “white, soft, thick”, the quality is good.

In fact, not, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released the third batch of national supervision and sampling results of tissue paper product quality in 2018, the sampling based on GB 15979-2002 “disposable sanitary products hygiene standards”, GB/T 20808-2011 “tissue paper”, QB/T 4509-2013 “natural color household paper” and other standard requirements, a total of 18 A total of 18 batches of products do not meet the standards.
Consumers in the purchase of “toilet paper”, should raise awareness of self-protection, to do the “four look”:

① look at the product packaging: whether or not marked with a health license number and factory address, zip code, contact number, there is no implementation of standards, etc.; ② look at the color: pure wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood and wood.

④ look at the results of the fire: good toilet paper after burning white ash, while poor quality toilet paper burning black ash.

Finally, it is worth noting that some people think that toilet paper is decontaminated, and therefore the ordinary toilet paper is also used to wipe tableware, fruit, and even for children to wipe their mouths. According to laboratory results show that many toilet paper is not sterilized or not thoroughly disinfected, containing a large number of bacteria, and is not hygienic. Only high-grade toilet paper or napkins that have been strictly sterilized are hygienic. If you have doubts about the sterilization quality of toilet paper, put the paper in the sun for 1 hour before using it.


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